18 May

Understanding Your Own Resistance, Part 2

For the second part of this blog series on understanding your own resistance, I encourage you to grab a pen and paper and jot down answers to the questions that come up in the blog.

What is your resistance related to?

I find part of my own resistance to change is because sometimes I get hung up on the past. And I still tell my story from there.

Think of a situation where resistance has kept you from getting something done or achieving something.

When you think about it now, which perspective do you tell your story from? The present? The past? The future?

There was a time when I was a comfortable in my life. The things that the world is asking of me now, were things that came easily during that time of my life. I liked where I was and it matched my identity of who I wanted to be as a career woman, a wife, daughter and mother. Then a lot of change happened. I see now that I was being directed to move, from a comfortable place in my life to a place with a lot of transitions, transitions that would effect all areas of my life. I was being asked to grow and the growth was coming fast through this series of changes. Some I initiated, some I kind of just had to adjust to. Boy did I have resistance to this.

Is your resistance related to change? Do you have a fear around change?

They were not all changes I wanted or initiated. Some brought a lot of fear with them. Fear of the unknown. I see now that Life was leading me – to a place where things are easier. There is a flow I have never experienced before, both inside and out. The transitions in my life brought a lot of growth. I just had to learn to be with it. All of it.

Is there an outcome expected or attached to the thing you are resisting? Or is there a loss associated with it?

Often times resistance is related directly to outcome or to fear about the outcome.

How can you overcome this?

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